Top Tools That I Use

Apple iPad 10.9

I currently use the Apple iPad  Gen 10.9″. It has a great camera (which I hardly use), large high-resolution display which is great for large canvases, Apple Pencil 1 with thousands of levels of pressure sensitivity, perfect for digital art and tapered line work, magnetic but charges wired.

Canon EOS R50

The Canon EOS R50 is small compact and easy to use. Comes with 18 -45mm kit lens at F4.5 – 6.3 IS STM. Shoots in standard HD and shoots in 4k

Canon RF 35mm Lens

The Canon Rf 35mm lens is a one of a kind lens to get the close up images that you need along with giving you that buttery smooth b roll shots that you need to take your video game to the next level.

Canon RF 16mm Lens

The Canon Rf 16mm lens is the perfect lens to give you the wide angle look for your videos but also giving you that cinematic feel with each video that you shoot. This is the best camera lens to fit any need that you have to make your videos standout.

Amaran 100d S

The Amaran 100d S is the go to lighting solution to give your videos that video lighting quality that you are looking for to make your videos stand out.

DJI Ronin SC

The DJI Ronin SC is the one the best among many in the product line of DJI products. The Ronin SC is easy to use and very affordable for even the newest content creators to get the most out of.

Small Rig Portable Background Lights

The small rig background light packs a huge punch to give your videos that color that they are lacking to make your viewers take notice. This product is simple and easy to use and is usb c chargeable. Comes with many light functions so that you can get the most out of it.

Neewer Motorized Camera Slider

The neewer motorized camera slider is the perfect tool if you are a solo creator. This tool gives your video movement even the timelapse effect to give your videos that extra push to standout.

Top Resources That I Use

Adobe Fresco





Envato Elements


Epidemic Sound